About us

Our Mission

Training vulnerable youth and women vocational skills, certifies their skills with regulatory bodies, and then links them to employment or entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

Empower underprivileged youth and women through vocational skills in order to eradicate poverty.

Our Objectives

To unite the community for socio-economic empowerment.

To co-ordinate activities aimed at mobilization of resources by members and development partners for empowerment of members.

To ensure group empowerment welfare in future for members to enhance savings.

To create essential linkages with organizations and individuals committed to poverty reduction, youth and women socio-economic empowerment and creation of employment.

To promote collaboration among groups and counterparts through information sharing and networking for better community development.

Team up and network with agencies , associations and other organizations committed to promoting small and medium scale enterprise, youth and women economic development.

Our Core Values

Respect for human dignity

Integrity and reliability in all operations


Social Justice

Equality and Equity

Gender Mainstreaming

Wholeness and Inclusiveness

Our Principles

Empowerment and Strengthening of capacity of target groups for self reliance

Promoting social and economic development

Seeking for sustainable results

Promoting accountability and transparency

Promoting linkages and networking with Government and other development agencies to meet the organization’s objectives

Promote equality and equity

Community Service

We help in many activities such as community clean up, human rights activism, food donation, participating in conversations on matters that are critical to the community needs.

Poverty Eradication

Our skill development program and educational initiatives are meant to empower the vulnerable population and make them self reliant. We help them find a path to success so that they may become productive in the society.

Women Empowerment

We have employed many women in our organization. Most of our beneficiaries are women who are going through a lot of problems. We offer them free training and even help them to start businesses.

Gender Based Violence

We fight gender based violence cases that are rampant among the vulnerable population we work with. Most victims are single mothers, orphans and the disabled.

Skill Development

EzeshaPlus-Kenya develops practical oriented skills among young people to address and fit the needs of industries and companies with a special focus on the disadvantaged groups women and youth


We help our trainees who are not successful in finding jobs with financial support to set up businesses based on the skills they have acquired from our institution.

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